Get Help

Have you experienced sexual assault, domestic or family violence?

You’re not alone. Counselling, information and support are available.

Does your partner:

– Read your SMS messages?
– Monitor your online activity and access private sites like Facebook and email?
– Discourage you from spending time with certain friends and family?
– Take or manage your income?
– Scrutinise your spending?
– Make frequent and unfounded threats to break up?
– Humiliate, manipulate and intimidate you?
– Make threats to, or actually, self harm?
– Pressure, manipulate, trick, force or blackmail you into sexual acts?

Are you:

– Losing interest in activities that you used to enjoy?
– Becomingly increasingly anxious and worried about what your partner will think?
– Concerned your partner will get angry about something you do or say?
– Making excuses for your partner’s behaviour?
– Avoiding social activities that don’t involve your partner?
– Joking about your partners violent outburst?
– Offering excuses for unexplained physical injuries?
Do the above questions make you think more about your situation? Did you know there are services that you can call to discuss in confidence what you are experiencing and you are feeling?  A good place to start is 1800Respect (1800 737 732).  1800Respect is a national 24 hour sexual assault and family violence counselling service.